Southern rapper Gucci Mane has reportedly checked into a mental facility after appearing in a Georgia courtroom yesterday (January 3) afternoon.

According to reports, Gucci specifically made the request.

The rapper (real name Radric Davis) filed a “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency” in a Georgia courtroom Monday, claiming he was in no state to fight prosecutors’ efforts to revoke his probation. According to court documents, the 30-year-old explained he was unable to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.” Gucci Mane was reportedly ordered into custody and immediately committed into a mental health treatment facility, where his mental condition is currently being evaluated. (New York Daily News)

Yesterday, reports suggested the rapper was under police custodyin relation to a 2010 arrest.

Gucci Mane is in hot water again. Several hours ago, the Atlanta MC faced a Fulton County Superior Court judge who ordered the rapper be thrown back into prison for a probation violation. Gucci, born Radric Davis, faces a possible 17-month prison sentence if convicted of the violation, which stems from an arrest last year. The rapper’s attorney requested the judge give him an ankle monitor rather than throw him behind bars. However, Gucci’s probation officer insisted he be placed in custody. The judge agreed with the request. (The Boom Box)

Additional reporting claimed that the court appearance was in relation to a 2005 bust.

Gucci Mane started off the new year in a court has learned that the Brick Squad rapper had a probation hearing earlier today (January 3), stemming from a 2005 case, and a judge had ordered him to a medical treatment facility for the next 30 days until his next court appearance. “The court ordered Mr. Davis into treatment of a medical treatment facility, pending a revocation hearing later this month.” Gooch’s lawyer, Michael Holmes told XXL. When asked why he was sent to the center, Holmes said that information was “confidential.” During the hearing a probation officer said Gucci will likely be sentenced to a 17 months of jail time. (XXL Mag)

As of now, Gucci is still expected to appear before a judge in late January.

Just moments ago a Fulton County Superior Court Judge has ordered that Radric Davis better known as Gucci Mane be remanded to prison for a violation of probation stemming from an arrest last year. The rapper’s attorney requested that the judge allow him to be on a ankle monitor however his probation officer fought vigorously to have him placed in custody for which the judge agreed. Rapper Gucci Mane is facing a prison term of 17 months if he is in fact found guilty of the violation. Hip Hop Enquirer‘s Dennis Byron was on the scene to bring this breaking news story. A hearing date has been set for January 24th, 2011 in Fulton County Superior Court. (Hip Hop Enquirer)

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