Rosario Dawson Grabs Paul Rudd’s Junk

Actress Rosario Dawson certainly lived up to the title of her new film Unstoppable at the Independent Spirit Awards show on Saturday. Just ask actor Paul Rudd.

In an incident that elicited some awkward laughter from the audience, Dawson leapt up on stage and fondled Rudd’s crotch, just as he was about to announce the nominees for Best Screenplay at the awards ceremony in Santa Monica, California. Rudd, however, was the main instigator of the gropefest, having constantly pawed at the breasts of co-presenter Eva Mendes during their scripted routine.
Though initially shocked, Rudd didn’t pull away from Dawson’s grip. Instead, he slung his arm around Mendes and copped another feel, before announcing that the film The Kids Are Alright had won the award. How Rudd’s wife, who was sitting in the audience, felt about the incident is anyone’s guess.
Dawson, on the other hand, told Access Hollywood she felt it was her duty as a women’s rights activist to stand up for Mendes.
“I was sitting there with my fork like, ‘If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to stab him with my fork.’ So I got up there and I stabbed him with my fork, and he didn’t stop, so I was like, alright, I’m going to grab his package,” she said.
“It wasn’t bad. It was actually a pretty good package.”

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