Hard 2 Knock sat down with young hip-hop mogul OCOOP to asked him some questions on how he got started in the music business

(H2K)How did u get started?
(OCOOP) I got started in music when my friend Shawn D, said to me that his artist was the next big artist to blow, I asked him to play me the music & when he did I said “stop playing, I’m better than him and I don’t rap” Lol. Shawn D bet me that I couldn’t make a hotter song and I took the bet 1,000 dollars and some stranger in the street would pick the winner, he let me use his studio to do the song and later on that week he was killed in that same studio from a gun shot to the head, after that I promised myself to make it in the business that he once felt so passionately about and here I am!

(H2K) Where are u from?
(OCOOP) I was born in Newark New Jersey and I Rep hard, 108, GKV, EO, & Irvington, that’s Orange, Newark, East Orange, & Irvington and all the surrounding cities for those that don’t know!
(H2K) What city do u live at now?
(OCOOP) Right now I’m holding it down in the A out here in Atlanta, busy on business but I still have a home in my home town!
(H2K) What projects are u currently working on?
(OCOOP) Right now I just finished a Mixtape with Greg Street from 103.3, Greg doing it real big out here, he is a Icon in the music industry & a pleasure to work with, the Mixtape / Album is titled “Law Abiding Citizen” with production from Reefa, Kmack, & Speedy, also featured on the Album is, Jada Kiss, Jim Jones, Waka Flocka, Young Dose, Treach, & Redman
(H2K) Who are some of the artist you have worked with?
(OCOOP) I have worked with, Jim Jones, Waka Flocka, Treach, RL, Avalanche, young Dose,
Young PAC, Shut & many others…..
(H2K) What kind of lady do u like?
(OCOOP) I like a lady who is confident, smart & self motivated & not easily impressed, I don’t mind
working for it, I like a challenge!
(H2K) What kind of watch do u rock?
(OCOOP) I have a few in my collection, my favorite is my Rolex, that’s my go to watch, when I’m in the studio or performing I might where my Breitling or my Jacob and when I’m on vacation chilling, I might do my Bell & Ross, I’m a watch guy indeed but the best watch of them all is my eyes cause I’m watching everything!!! Hoffa at your Boy, OCOOP gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bang It

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