Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez apologizes to producer for offensive video

Controversial Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Joseline Hernandez apologized to the show’s producer Mona Scott Young yesterday for uploading a raunchy, sexually graphic video to video streaming website WSHH in response to rampant rumors that he is a tranny.

The obscene video purportedly shows Hernandez “spreading it open” in a desperate attempt to put a stop to the rumors. Since is a family-oriented blog, I decided not to post the indecent video.

Scott-Young was so outraged by Hernandez deviating from the script by posting the video online that she called Hernandez and threatened to kick her off the show if she didn’t control her impulsive behavior.

In a tweet on, Hernandez wrote: “Thank you @MonaScottYoung u gave me a great shot at life I’m sorry for letting u down yesterday. I truly apologize.”

Scott-Young and VH1 are feeling the heat from viewers who are outraged at the network for depicting women of color as violent-prone buffoons.

According to a family friend, Hernandez, who was reportedly born with both male and female sex organs, had a sex change operation when he was young. Hernandez must take hormones for the rest of his life.

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