Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond has been long-rumored to have had a hand in the 1994 New York City shooting of  Tupac Shakur, but  has vehemently denied any involvement for years.

Pac, himself, even called Henchman out on his 1996 album cut “Against All Odds,” spitting: “Jimmy Henchman… [You] set me up, wet me up… stuck me up / But you never shut me up.”

According to the Village Voice, Henchman — who was recently found guilty of running a national drug ring — secretly admitted his involvement in Tupac’s ambush during one of nine “Queen For A Day” proffer sessions with the government last fall, court transcripts revealed.

Up until now, there was no direct evidence linking Henchman to the infamous shooting that sparked a bi-coastal rap war, tore Pac’s friendship with the Notorious B.I.G. apart and made them bitter rivals.

The Voice says that Henchman’s confession unfolded during confessions he made in an attempt to carve out a cooperative deal that might lead to a reduced sentence, said federal prosecutors.

“Now, in particular, there are some statements where the defendant [Rosemond] spoke about acts of violence… Mr. Shargel made comments about the origin of the Chuck Phillips article, which has to do with the shooting of Tupac Shakur in 1994; in particular, the defendant has made admission that he was involved in this particular shooting,” prosecutor Soumya Dayananda said in a sidebar testimony, as stated in official transcripts.

Jimmy’s confession came late last year, shortly after Dexter Isaac came forward and publicly confessed to leading the attack on Pac at Quad Studios in 1994.

Henchman, who already faces life in prison on his recent drug conviction, will never be charged for his role in 1994 shooting though, not will Dexter or anybody else. It was classified by NYPD as a robbery. In New York, the statute of limitations on robbery is seven years, which means the time to prosecute anyone for the Quad case expired 11 years ago.

Henchman’s drug trial ended in early June, where he was found guilty on charges of cocaine distribution, conspiracy, money laundering, firearms possession and witness tampering to name a few. Sentencing has yet to be announced.

In addition to the Pac revelations, Henchman has also been indicted for the 2009 murder of 50 Cent associate Lowell Fletcher, reports the New York Times.

Henchman was charged by the U.S. attorney in Manhattan for plotting the murder, along with five other men. Fletcher was shot to death in September 2009 in the Bronx, New York.


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