Oprah Winfrey made the cover of Forbes

Oprah Winfrey, 58, shares the Forbes “$126 Billion” cover with Jay Z’s good pal billionaire investor Warren Buffet, 82, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 56. Jay Z, who is not quite billionaire status — shared the Forbes cover of the “400 Richest People in the World” with Buffet in 2010.  Jay-Z, 43, has not been on the cover since.

Winfrey has caught a lot of flack for using her billions to fund building a school in Africa, but the former talk show maven shoulders on. In 2010 Winfrey hosted 7 of her students who took a tour of Boston College for 2 weeks. Winfrey introduced the “magnificent seven” — as she calls them — to her well-heeled friends, including President Obama at the White House.

But despite the school’s success stories, it’s apparent that Oprah has never gotten over the criticism from American blacks: she has plans to build another school — this time in the U.S.

From Forbes.com:

Winfrey is reaching out to corporations and wealthy individuals in South Africa, hoping to boost the school’s endowment. Her fellow billionaires are pitching in, too: Michael Dell donated laptops, Spanx inventor Sara Blakely cut a $1 million check and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos gave each girl a Kindle. Winfrey, meanwhile, is mulling her next big move: a school in the U.S., possibly in her home state of Mississippi.

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