Wing-Walker Stunt woman Jane Wicker Dies in Plane Crash at a Dayton Air Show


A female wing walker died in a fiery plane crash at a Dayton, Ohio air show on Saturday, June 22. Jane Wicker, a single mother of 2 teenage boys, died along with her pilot, Charlie Schwenker. The tragic accident occurred during the Vectran Air Show in Dayton at 12:45 p.m. Saturday in front of horrified spectators.

A video uploaded to shows Wicker sitting on the bottom of the wing as the biplane flies upside down at 110 mph, about 100 feet above the ground. As Wicker begins waving to the crowd, the wing suddenly dipped and the biplane plowed straight into the ground, exploding in a giant fireball.

“I noticed it was upside down really close to the ground,” spectator Shawn Warwick told the Dayton Daily News. “She was sitting on the bottom of the plane,” he said. “I saw it just go right into the ground and explode.”

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