Traci Steele Fired from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta


The powers that be don’t think that DJ Traci Steele was bringing enough drama to get another invite for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Traci and her babydaddy DJ Babey Drew had a pretty confusing, yet all too familiar story line on “LHHA.” They trying to get along and be friends as they co-parent their son, but their separate love lives kept complicating things. Although they had some massive blow-outs and even suffered through the embarrassment of getting swindled, producers for the show didn’t feel like they brought nearly enough drama.

In the world of reality TV, no drama means no camera time. But that doesn’t mean that viewers won’t see Traci next season. “I might do some appearances, show my face or DJ or something like that, but as far being a cast member, no. I didn’t chose,” Traci told “Apparently me and Drew weren’t as turned up I guess as the rest of the cast members. We had some sanity. We were a little more relaxed more grounded.”

She continued, “A lot of people came to me and said ‘You have the most class out of everybody else.’ Well class don’t cut it on ‘Love and Hip Hop.’”

There are no hard feelings from Traci, though, and she’s got nothing but warm fuzzy feelings about her run on the show. “I loved the experience,” she said. “I love Mona [Scott-Young]–and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” as a whole, and I would have done another season if they’d asked me.”

Even though she’s not going to be back as an official cast member it looks like she got everything she needed from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” while she was in the mix.

“Exposure…that’s all it was about. I knew that being a female DJ, I want to get out there more and brand myself better,” Traci reflected, adding that she got way more out of the experience than she ever expected. “I knew that I wanted to take this brand Steele Pretty and DJ Traci Steele nationally, but I actually took it globally. I didn’t know that LHHA was playing in different countries. I’ve had people in England and Africa hit me and tell me they love me.

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