In life, stuff happens. But, how you deal with it after defines who you are. Standing by your actions and owning up to your mistakes or success is what makes you a real person. Usually, reality TV personalities are fake lames, who will do anything for the spot light. However, there are always exceptions to the rules and Mimi Faust is one of them.

Recently, a sex tape was stolen from her boyfriend’s luggage and the tape is now for sale, after the couple agreed to a deal with porn giant, Vivid Entertainment. Whether you believe her story or not, her sexcapades are available on the Internet for the world to see … and Mimi is owning up to her actions.

We caught up with Mimi recently, via a phone call, and she explained how the sex tape situation unfolded, why she doesn’t see anything wrong with having sex with her man on camera, and what is the deal with shower rods?

You were in a couple of hip-hop videos, which ones were you in again?

I was in “Frontin'” with Pharrell and Jay Z. I was in a Jagged Edge video and a few more.

How did that come about?

My girlfriend worked for Def Jam and just asked me to be in it. I didn’t audition or anything like that.

Speaking of videos, we are talking today because you have a sex tape out. How did this situation come about?

Nikko and I were coming back from the Bahamas and his bag got stolen from the airport. That’s how the tape initially got out there, and then, I got a phone call from Vivid. Steve from Vivid explained to us: Either the tape will be around the world for free or we could make some money off it. It was, at that point, that we decided to release it, and at least, make something off it.

I wouldn’t really consider you a porn star now. What would you call yourself?

I am the same person I was before this tape and I’m not even an actress. I am a reality TV personality whose sex tape leaked. I decided to do business with Vivid because that was my option.

What has the feedback been like from the people?

Some negative and some positive. It’s just crazy to me people saying things like they thought I was classy and they are disappointed in me. I made love to my man. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Someone called me a whore, but I am a whore because I had sex with my man on camera? I had to deal with the tape leaking and I had to make a business decision on what I want to do. What would you do?

Well, you probably also thought the tape would do pretty well once you were already in the situation.

I am not a big porn watcher, so I had no clue what this could do. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this to your average girl, but people make big deal because I am on TV.

Did the people at Vivid help prepare you for this situation? As far as mentally, physically etc.?

Yes, I have called Vivid on many, many late nights… trust me (laughs). They have helped me so much and I beat myself up a lot about this. I have to own it and keep it pushing and not let this keep me down.


I think I read your tape was the most bootlegged urban tape and it’s the highest-selling urban celebrity sex tape.

Yes, we had to stop a lot of the piracy and it had the highest number of pre-sales EVER for a sex tape.

Have you gotten new fans since this came out?

Yes, but some are good and some are bad. Social media is a tricky thing and I have stayed off of it. There is too much negativity on social media anyway, so I avoid it.

That is probably a smart idea; I know if I get nine good comments and one bad, that one can throw me off.

Exactly, it’s pretty crazy.

Stevie J, your ex, also had his own sextape leak with Eve from the Ruff Ryders. Were you guys together when his tape leaked?

Yes, but that situation kind of overlapped our relationship. They filmed it before me and it was leaked while we were together.

It’s crazy to see that he had one while you were together, now you aren’t together and you have a sex tape. It’s almost like a full circle of relationships and sex tapes.

This is the very first sex tape I ever made, and of course, it leaks.

At the end of the day, it’s an attractive person in the spotlight having sex on tape with their significant other. People need to relax, but I can understand both points of views positive and negative.

I really don’t think I did anything wrong. The fact that the tape leaked, I am not happy. I have to stand by what happened and own the situation and move forward.

How has this affected your personal life?

I lost some friends, but I feel like they weren’t my real friends anyway. My real friends told me they are behind me 100 percent. I have some people that are sticking with me and some who left.

I’ve been a fan of some of the other things you were in and I always felt like you carried yourself well. You always seemed like a real person and a caring mom, you just were in some crazy situations.

I am still the same person I was before the tape came out. The only thing that changed is I am on tape making love to my man. I don’t carry myself any differently or dress any differently.

Where do you go from here? I would guess you’re not doing another tape?

No, I don’t think I will ever do another tape. I am working on a book deal right now and a children’s apparel line. I already have a nail deal coming out and I am still filming for the TV show I am on. I am just trying to stay busy.

So, you are doing promo for the sex tape and for your TV show?


That is pretty crazy, has this opened up new doors for you? You have to be popping up on some people’s radar after this.

Definitely (laughs)… PornHub follows me on Twitter now. I have to clear something up and that VH1 has nothing to do with this tape. This was not their idea and they knew nothing about it. I had to tell them what was going on because the tape was coming out regardless. Once we told them, they incorporated it into the show and we filmed more scenes for the show.

I think I read that Mona Scott wasn’t too happy about the situation. I was never under the impression that VH1 was involved at all.

Everyone thought she was behind it, but no. And no, she wasn’t happy. She didn’t want people to think she was involved and she’s not.

What was the first thing you did after your meeting with Vivid? Who did you call when you found out your sextape is coming out?

I called my sister first and I just broke down over the phone. She said that I made a decision and I need to own it.

I wonder, overall, how this affects your life and career? I can see it as a blessing a curse.

Overall, I think it could help me.

These things usually just blow over anyway, and in a few months, someone else will come out with a tape. Your still on TV and you mentioned your other opportunities your working on. This is just another platform that you are on.

No one will be really talking about this in few months because people’s attention spans are so short. I just gotta keep pushing on with my career.

People forget Kim Kardashian was introduced to the world through a sex tape really.


Everyone wanted me to ask you about the shower rod. What’s going on with that? I heard Nikko made a song about shower rods.. and shower rod sales have gone up a million percent. What’s the deal?

From what I heard, it’s all true because shower rods are sold out in different stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. I need to issue a disclaimer though — do not go in your shower and swing from it (laughs). Make sure your man is there and is supporting you, other wise you will break your neck. (laughs).

Your next DVD should be an instructional video on how to incorporate things from your bathroom while having sex. Instead of a work out tape you could do that.

(Laughs) That is a good idea!

Are we going to see you release your own line of shower rods now?

I don’t know about that. A lot of these big corporations don’t want to be associated with a sex tape.



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