Cincinnati Young Black Professionals would like to invite you to join us, Saturday May 30, 2015 from 11am2pm, for a field day with the youth members of St. Monica’s Community Center, located in Lincoln Heights!

We will team up with kids from the center and compete in a day of water balloon toss, kickball, hand paint Pictionary, and more!!! We’ll get to be kids again and hopefully inspire our youth as positive role models.

If you’re interested in being involved please email Bryan Hatcher at

Thank you,

Your CYBP Lead Team

CYBP’s mission is to be an inclusive professional network that welcomes newcomers to the city, to provide professional and social networking opportunities, and to show up as a positive influence in the city via service and outreach.

“Young” is how you define it. It can be a number, a state of mind, or whatever you would like it to be. We are open to all of those who are looking to get involved. We would like to provide a venue that caters to our similarities, interests, and culture.  We want this to be an inclusive network where you feel comfortable being yourself, where you plan to have fun meeting and socializing with others, and also where you can share ideas to build a stronger community, as well as our community of YBPs.

The most important piece of this puzzle is YOU.

Cincinnati Young Black Professionals Group, All rights reserved.

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