GOAT App Launches to Make Multibillion Dollar Sneaker Resale Market Safe

GOAT sneaker market photo

Launching today, GOAT (https://airgoat.com/) offers a new iOS app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goat­the­sneaker­market/id966758561) for buying and selling sneakers.

It all began last November when GOAT co­founder Daishin was reminiscing about his first pair of Jordans he had back when he was 10 and played organized basketball. They were the OG Air Jordan 5 Grapes and he was eager to get them again some 20 years later. Ecstatic to receive them in the mail, he opened the box, unwrapped the sneakers and inhaled the scent

that only comes from fresh kicks. But there was something wrong: The Nike Air logo on the heel, the air bubble and box all seemed a bit off. He tried them on and then it hit him – they were fakes.

After going back and forth with the seller for over two weeks, a resolution was finally made, but the lengthy, drawn out process was one that he never wanted to face again – the trust was lost. Determined to ease the sneaker buying experience on the secondary market, he and his co­founder, Eddy, along with their team set out to create GOAT, the most trusted mobile marketplace for buying and selling sneakers.

“We know the pain that comes with paying a lot for sneakers only to find out later that they aren’t even real,” said Eddy. “It happens all the time on eBay and even on social networks like Instagram. That’s why we created GOAT. Now, you can buy and sell with confidence because we protect you.”

At GOAT, specialists authenticate every sneaker sold for over $300, verifying everything fromthe stitching to logo, texture to color, and so much more. And for a limited time, GOAT is offering this service for all sneakers purchased, regardless of price. Unlike eBay, GOAT also offers a Buyer Protection Guarantee that allows buyers to return sneakers they find to be fake or falsely advertised without having to deal with the sellers at all.

For those looking to purchase sneakers, they can browse a database of over 15,000 products – currently one of the largest of its kind – detailing the sneaker’s image, SKU number and colorway. If the sneakers are listed, you can purchase them directly from the seller, but if they aren’t, you can set alerts to be notified as soon as they’re available in the sizes you’re looking for.

Those looking to sell can simply search for the sneaker by SKU, name or nickname, enter the condition, price and upload seven required photos of various angles from the app’s camera. All photos are verified and timestamped, so buyers know exactly what they’re purchasing. To help sellers, the app also gives high and low pricing data for their sneakers, which is pulled from online sales daily. Most importantly, sellers can earn more money through GOAT with the lowest commissions in the industry at 9.5%, compared to veterans eBay and PayPal at 13%, and consignment shop Flight Club at 20%.

“It’s an exciting space to be in. The sneaker community is strong, passionate and growing, but has been left using archaic marketplaces that charge high fees and are unsafe,” said Eddy. “We aim to change things with GOAT by offering better tools, a safer community and lower commissions.”

Although the GOAT app is currently limited to iOS, purchases can still be made on the web. The company plans to release their Android app soon.

GOAT screenshot set 2 GOAT screenshot set 1 GOAT app screenshot-collect GOAT app screenshot-buy GOAT app screenshot-sell GOAT app screenshot-discover GOAT logo web


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