Stacey Dash is arguably the most gorgeous woman on this planet, but God she’s an idiot, which is why we’ve officially decided we’re done with the Clueless beauty.

Dash, in all her glowing trollish glory, appeared on Fox where she defended Donald Trump’s racist immigration comments.

“I believe he was trying to say that we need to close the borders because it’s dangerous. It’s an imminent threat,” she said. “I believe what he said, he could have said in a different way. He should have ended it there, he didn’t have to get personal about Mexico, because he then says he has Mexican friends and he loves Mexico. It’s like saying, ‘I have my Black friend,’ you know.”

To drive the old rusty nail home, she added “He’s a man who says what he means and means what he says. To me, that if anything of the United States, I’d want a guy like that to run the country.”

If he comments couldn’t sound any dumber, Dash is half-Mexican.

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