Introducing Thursday Boot Company: Premium men’s footwear brand

Lifestyle- group of guys with flag

The premium men’s footwear brand with a fresh and modern take on classic boots that delivers luxury, quality and comfort in their unique designs. 

Inspired and founded by Columbia Business School classmates –  Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson — Thursday Boot Company strives to bring versatility back to men’s boots by merging the comfortable with the practical. When you put on a pair of Thursdays you will be ready for whatever the day brings your way.
Thursday Boot Company pricing begins at $199 and are available for purchase at, and select styles are available at Amazon and Huckberry.
Black Captain 1 Black Chelsea 1 Black Chukka 3 Brown Chukka 2 Brown Diplomat 1 Brown President 1 Brown Suede Chukka 1 Chocolate President 1 Color # 8 Hiker 1 Color #8 Hiker Shearling Wool Lining Lifestyle- Group in Desert Lifestyle- Diplomat Group Lifestyle- Brown President Close up Lifestyle- Brown DukeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lifestyle- Brown Captain Lifestyle - Brown Scout Honey Suede Chelsea 1 Lifestyle- Natural Diplomat(2) Lifestyle- Natural Diplomat Lifestyle- Presidential Limo Lifestyle- Scout Group Production Sole Rio Latigo Vanguard 1 Rio Latigo Vanguard 2 Rio Latigo Vanguard 3 Lifestyle- Natural Diplomat 2

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