Greats + Beast Mode™ 2.0 “Royale Chukka”



All-Pro NFL star running back Marshawn Lynch and Brooklyn born sneaker company Greats have once again collaborated on the latest Beast Mode™ “Royale Chukka.” To take this partnership one step further, technology companies Chronicled, Inc. and Identiv Labs have developed an innovative technology that represents the future of sneaker culture and consumer engagement.

The Beast Mode™ sneaker is dressed in a smooth Italian nubuck upper and lined with Italian black calf leather stitched with Greats’ signature bar tacks in gold thread. Signature Beast Mode™ “B” branding on the tongue is cut from the leather revealing a metallic gold patent leather underneath, merging the colors of Black & Gold. Gold aglets complement sturdy waxed cotton laces. All of these details sit upon a stylish black Margom sole. On the lateral of the shoe is a subtle gold stamped Beast Mode™ logo.

The sneaker will be made available on Black Friday at, and is equipped with a smart tag that can be scanned with an iPhone or Android device to display the limited edition number and unforgeable digital profile assigned to each pair. Consumers can interact with exclusive content featuring or produced by Marshawn and Greats. A customer who receives a pair of Beast Mode™ 2.0 Royale Chukkas can claim the pair into their digital collection on the Chronicled App, as well as interact with others who acquire the sneaker.

“Our technology presents a unique value proposition a customer base, that demands authenticity for collectible sneakers,” said Ryan Orr, Chronicled CEO. “For the first time ever, collectors experience a new way to interact with the sneakers that they love from their mobile device. In the future, we believe that our innovative use of mobile, encrypted microchip, and blockchain technologies will lead to a whole new class of provably authentic and interactive products—i.e. smart toys, smart shoes, smart handbags, smart jackets.”

The core technology contained in the Beast Mode™ sneakers represents two noteworthy technology breakthroughs. First, the smart tag includes an encrypted dual NFC-BLE chipset, developed by Identiv Labs, utilizing near field communication (NFC), low-energy Bluetooth (BLE), and digital certificates. “The future of consumer interaction is here and Identiv is excited to be a part of it,” said Phil Montgomery, Identiv CPO. “Identiv is working with Chronicled to develop smaller, flexible versions of these chips that can be affixed to sneakers, handbags, paintings, or pieces of furniture.”

Second, each chip is written to an open registry created on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a distributed ledger building on the core technology behind Bitcoin. The blockchain registration functions as a digital deed of title for the Beast Mode™ sneaker that cannot be forged, but can be transferred in the event of a sale or trade, proving authenticity and provenance of the sneakers into the secondary market.

Greats + Beast Mode™ 2.0 Royale Chukka”

Available | BLACK FRIDAY | November 27, 2015

12:00 PM EST

Price | $199

XXBeastmode-Chukka-Hero-04 Beastmode-Chukka-Product-01 Beastmode-Chukka-Product-02 Beastmode-Chukka-Product-03 Beastmode-Chukka-Product-04 Beastmode-Chukka-Product-05 Beastmode-Chukka-Detail-01 Beastmode-Chukka-Detail-02 Beastmode-Chukka-Detail-03 Beastmode-Chukka-Hero-01 Beastmode-Chukka-Hero-02 Beastmode-Chukka-Hero-03 DSC00724-2 DSC00675-2 Beastmode-Chip-02 Beastmode-Chip-01

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