Air Jordan 6 Retro “Maroon”


When it comes to recreating Jordan favorites, Vice President of Jordan Footwear, Yuron White, mentions color and materials as being extremely important. “The Retro Remaster initiative brought us to an incredible place last year,” he explains. “While we were focused on the external appearance of the shoe and being historically accurate in year one, we are now diving into the internal part: innovation of the fit, feel and comfort of the shoes.”

The fan-favorite Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘Maroon’ features a premium leather upper, icy outsole and Nike Air heel logo that match the 1991 original.

Launching December 5, 2015 – NIKE

384664-116_A5_Pair_Heels_50561 384664-116_A6_Pair_TopDown_50562 384664-116_A3_Medial_50563 384664-116_A2_Outsole_50564 384664-116_A1_Lateral_50560


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