United Arrows & Sons x Greats



Greats, the first footwear brand “Born in Brooklyn,” teams up with Japanese retail specialist United Arrows & Sons for an exclusive collaboration.

United Arrows & Sons x Greats started out with the Wooster, our classic slip-on silhouette, and remixed it using one of United Arrows & Sons’ archival sashiko fabrics.  Motofumi Kogi, known as “Poggy” to growing legions of savvy menswear fans, had been looking for a footwear partner to use the traditional Japanese fabric.  Sashiko, translated as “little stabs,” is a form of decorative stitching that’s traditionally used to reinforce or repair points of wear.  This running stich technique is often used for purely decorative purpose in quilting and embroidery.  White cotton thread on the traditional indigo cloth gives sashiko it’s distinctive appearance, and makes it a rare and luxurious addition to your shoe collection.

The upper is a blend of sashiko and Italian veg tan leather.  A custom brass United Arrows & Sons, ampersand logo snap on the heel can be unsnapped and used as a pull tab.  Mated on top of an avorio-colored Margom sole, the subtle tans and navy merge harmoniously.  Like our inline Woosters, we have lined the inner with vachetta leather, and capped this shoe off with custom United Arrows & Sons x Greats branding on the footbed.  Between our quintessentially American design, Japanese materials, and Italian manufacturing, the United Arrows & Sons x Greats collaboration is a truly international collaboration that has “instant classic” written all over it.

United Arrows & Sons + Greats

Available | December 10, 2015


Limited quantities available


Price | $259

United-Arrows-&-Sons-Hero-03 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Product-01 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Product-02 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Product-03 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Product-04 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Product-05 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Detail-03 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Detail-04 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Detail-01 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Detail-02 United-Arrows-&-Sons-Hero-01

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