Jay Electronica has been trending, after dropping a diss-filled Periscope which leaked to Youtube on Friday.
In it, he takes shots at a number of today’s biggest artists, including 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar.
“[50] was a good rapper,” Jay says. “Right now, he got the potential to be a rapper, but he’s on some sucka sh*t and we will slap his f*cking eyeballs loose. We’ll slap 50 Cent’s f*cking eyeballs loose out of his scalp.”
Later, he calls out Kendrick, referring to him as his “son”, while saying he doesn’t like his music. “I like the one Kendrick song with Gunplay called ‘Cartoon & Cereal.’ Other than that, we don’t know what that n*gga talkin’ ’bout,” Jay said.
He does go on to defend K-Dot, though, saying: “You can’t say, ‘F*ck Kendrick. That’s still our brother.”
Also in the 16-minute rant, Jay Electronica addresses other rappers, such as Drake, J. Cole, and Lupe Fiasco.


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