While it’s likely that 50 Cent will never be on good terms with The Game ever again, it’s not stopping the Compton rapper from co-signing Fif’s Effen Vodka.
In a lengthy and drunken Instagram post this week, which has since been deleted, Game said he was forced to drink 50’s vodka recently, because “the club ran outta whatever the f*ck else” he was drinking. Then, surprisingly, found out: “This bullsh*t is actually amazing.”
Under a promo of Fif’s Power and Fox’s Empire, Game ranted about a number of topics, from seemingly digging Kehlani to not being able choose between Beyoncé and Rihanna when he’s drunk and even revealing that he spends $27.99 on his TIDAL subscription.
“With all that being said,” Game added. “Hov, I need a feature.”
Apparently, his reference to Kehlani, which you can read in the IG post below, upset the singer, who blocked him and addressed his disrespectful comments with a series of hashtags including #YourLackOfRespectForWomenIsShowing, #NeverMetMeBefore, and #DontEverExpectTo.



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