In addition to discussing VIEWS and Jay Z’s appearance on “Pop Style”, Drake also talks Nicki Minaj in his new interview with Zane Lowe.
According to the rap star, he longer talks to his labelmate, due to her relationship with rival Meek Mill.
“I don’t really talk to Nicki,” Drake revealed. “[She’s] another person that I have a lot of love for, man, a lot of love and a lot of respect, not only for our past and the time and work we put in, but even the way she dealt with the situation at hand.”
He says Nicki stands behind her man Meek Mill, in their ongoing feud, which he understands. “I understand what love is and I understand the personal situation,” he said. “She dealt with me how I would expect her to, which is with class. I could only ever do the same… I always have respect and love for Nicki.”
Later, Drake addressed the inner turmoil within the Cash Money camp, specifcally between Lil Wayne and Birdman. “It is a situation that I pray gets resolved,” he said. “It’s people’s lives and it’s a legacy. I saw Kobe go out and score 60 points. I want to see them go out and score 60 points.”

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