Although many thought Joe Budden’s battle rap days were in his past, he returns with a scathing new track, taking aim at Drake and Meek Mill.
Titled “Making a Murderer Pt. 1”, the New Jersey rapper unleashes the insults, which he says some in response to subliminal lines on Drizzy’s “4PM in Calabasas.”
“When they roll up, that dude won’t want to live his raps / And see the 6 upside down and want to switch it back,” Budden raps.
There’s also a line for Meek Mill. “No alliances with Meek / It’s still f*ck him too,” he raps.

Aside from Meek and Drake, Budden also takes a few jabs at Jay Z on lines like: “Since the OG’s Hov, here’s what I wanna know / If ain’t no real n*ggas allowed the f*ck would I wanna go? / That’s thinkin’ back to Jay, now let’s get back to Drake / Both too big to respond to all I have to say / Still with all their success and all their accolades / The universe makes it so they come right back to me.”
The track also features audio from a 2009 YouTube video where Drake tells Budden that he’s “grateful” and “honored” to be in his presence. LOL!

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