After hinting about a collaborative album between Drake and Gucci Mane, producer Zaytoven confirmed the rumors and offered further details…
In an interview with VladTV, the Atlanta producer revealed that it is tentatively titled The 6ers, and work has already begun with himself and Mike WiLL Made-It.
“Gucci and Drake started talking,” Zaytoven said. “And you know how Gucci is, ‘Hey man, we gotta do a tape together. We gotta do something together.’ And Drake like, ‘Bet. We gotta do it.’ Right then, they started thinking about a name and then Drake said, I think he said, ‘We oughta call it The 6ers’ or something like that because I guess where he’s from, they call it the 6 and Gucci Mane is from Zone 6. Then we just ran with it.”
After talking about it, the guys starting working immediately. “Mike WiLL [Made-It] jumped in and was like, ‘Me and Zay will start on it. We’ll do the beats for it. We’ll start on that right now.’ Everybody was in agreeance with it. It was like, ‘Okay, that’s what we’re gonna do.’ And we started making songs on it already.”
According to Zaytoven, Gucci has finished two songs for The 6ers project that are sitting with Drake, waiting for his contribution.
A release date is currently unknown.

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