Beanie Sigel isn’t done with Meek Mill yet, dropping a second diss track.
A day after the diss “I’m Coming”, the Philly rap vet delivers a new cut called “Goodnight”.
“I just beat you twice,” Beans raps on the track. “The sad thing is, I really f*cked with ya / I just feel sorry for whoever that’s stuck with ya / Good luck to ya / N*gga, please / Young’n I’m out your league / I’m out your field / Let’s be for real / I can keep going, but that’s overkill.”
He doesn’t name Meek Mill by name, but it’s pretty obvious who’s Beanie Sigel is talking about. “The reason Philly even on the map,” he raps. “Me / The reason your silly ass raps / Me / Ungrateful motherf*ckers / I tried to give you game that Jay gave me / To make the transition from the street to the fame / You got a little fame and tried to add street to your name / It ain’t the same.”

The beef between Sigel and Mill began after Beans claimed he helped with lyrics on Meek’s Game diss, “Ooouuu (Remix)”. Since then, Dreamchasers affiliate Teefy Bey said he knocked him out, backstage, at Bad Boy’s “Family Reunion” show in Philly.

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