After a lengthy promo run, French Montana has decided to scrap his long-delayed sophomore album, Mac & Cheese 4.
In an interview with Complex, French says issues with clearing samples and a premature leak in August led to his decision, but apparently, he’s not bothered at all… and is already moving on to the next project.
“Songs like ‘I’m Heated’ and ‘Two Times’ couldn’t be cleared,” he explained. “By the time I got the mix how I recorded it, it wasn’t the same. I just ain’t have the same feeling for it. Everybody had to replay sh*t, and do all this extra sh*t, so I wasn’t in the mood to put it together. All the music going to come out, you know what I’m saying, just packaged differently. Plus, the album got leaked.”
“I’m never married to a date. I put it out whenever it’s right,” French continued. “You could force yourself to make it to that date, but if it’s not right, [if] it don’t come out right, you can’t force it.”
French goes on to say he’s already around “70 percent done” with a new project, but won’t give away any details until its done. No release date, no title… nothing. “That’s why I don’t want to announce the name or nothing. I just want to wait until it’s done and just drop it,” he said.
However, this month (October), French will be releasing a new mixtape, which he says will include “some of the best music you’ve ever heard.”

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