Alec Nathan

Oct 19, 2016

New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose and his friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, were cleared of all charges stemming from a civil rape lawsuit in a Los Angeles court Wednesday, according to the New York Post’s Julia Marsh.
Marsh reported the jury came to a decision following three hours and 45 minutes of deliberation. 
She also provided an update from the courthouse after the verdict was read: 
Rose, Hampton and Allen were accused by a 30-year-old woman, identified as Jane Doe, who said the trio broke into her apartment, drugged her and raped her, according to the White Bronco’s Daniel Werly. At the time the lawsuit was filed, Jane Doe sought $21.5 million in damages. 
Rose and his co-defendants maintained that the sex was consensual. 
Wednesday, The Athletic’s Jon Greenberg caught up with two jurors who provided their take on the outcome: 

The Los Angeles Times’ Joel Rubin later posted a striking snapshot of Rose posing for a picture with his attorney and one of the jurors: 

While the case was in the national spotlight because of Rose’s celebrity, it also gained attention because of the tactics employed by the former MVP’s defense lawyers.
According to Werly, “his lawyers have twice asked the court to force Jane Doe to reveal her identity, arguing that it is only ‘fair’ that Doe expose her identity and bear her share of the media scrutiny.”
“I think it’s a shame for women, and I think it’s a shame for this country that a celebrity can come to court and slut-shame a woman,” said Jane Doe’s lead attorney, Waukeen McCoy, per Marsh. 
Rose was never arrested or criminally charged, which is why the lawsuit was civil in nature. As a result, Rose did not face the possibility of jail time from this trial alone. 

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