Here’s the real deal: Many of us are still enraged about Donald Trump becoming president-elect.
Shoot.. many of us refuse to even call him the President of the United States come January. But anger, doesn’t erase reality. And the reality is, if all goes according to his plan, we’ll have to deal with a Trump administration for the next four years.
For some of us this means being critical and on-edge for his entire tenure. But for others, they’ve taken a more hopeful approach to the whole thing. But sometimes hopeful comes off as affirming when dealing with such a serious matter.

When asked by the Entertainment Tonight about Trump’s meeting with President Barack Obama to tour the White House on Thursday she said, “I just saw president-elect Trump with President Obama in the White House and it gave me hope. To hear president-elect Trump say he had respect for Obama, he had reached a moment where he was humbled by that experience. And to hear President Obama say he has a new confidence in a peaceful transition— I think everybody can take a deep breath. Take a deep breath now!”

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